Editorial Services

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Wish you had a chance to receive professional feedback from an experienced book editor?

We offer high-quality manuscript evaluations that foster creativity and allows you to expand the vision of your book. Our manuscript evaluation service, which starts at $600, includes the following:

  • 1-page critique with recommendations on how to improve your manuscript
  • 1-hr video session where we discuss your creative work in-depth
  • Typed notes given to you detailing what was discussed during our meeting
  • A recording of our session so you can replay it at your convenience 

Who is this service best suited for?

A manuscript evaluation is best suited for writers who want to receive honest and professional feedback on ways to improve their manuscript. The purpose of the manuscript evaluation is to take the feedback that we give you  in order to make well-informed revisions to your work.

Please note: This service does not include line editing or copy editing.

Do you want us to evaluate your manuscript? 

Please send an email  to Book Editor and Coach Mary B. Banks at marybanks@lamusepress.com. She will get back in touch with you shortly.

We look forward to working with you to improve your manuscript. We are committed to utilizing our expertise to guide you through the revision and rewriting process by providing you with our professional editorial feedback and creative insight.

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