Finding a Book Distributor

One of the biggest challenges facing an indie press is distribution. Before starting La Muse Press, I researched potential book distributors, and boy, is it challenging to find one willing to take on an emerging publisher. In order to have a major book distributor,  usually the publisher needs to have publish a decent amount of titles. Ingram, which is the leading distributor in the trade book industry, states on its website that a publisher seeking its distribution has to have at least ten titles. On its website, they list the following companies as being potential distributors for emerging publishers: Lighting Source IncGreenleaf Book Group LLC, and Atlas Distribution Services. I contacted Greenleaf Book Group in February 2011 to see how its distribution works. I was told that fiction is an extremely competitive market, and for that reason the company tends to publish and distribute  mainly non-fiction. Either way, I am still in the process of seeking a book distributor in order for La Muse publications to be found in the brick-and-mortar bookstore chains. But after reading about the success of Amanda Hocking, it appears that electronic publishing is the new wave of publishing. If that is the case, it is not that important to have one’s books sold in traditional bookstores. So in a way, technology is making it possible for emerging publishers to compete in the market. And I want to win, baby.

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