BookCon 2017

Author Jason Reynolds and publisher Mary B. Banks at BookCon 2017.

It’s been over a year since La Muse Press has made a blog post, but we’re back. To get back into the groove, publisher and author Mary B. Banks attended BookCon 2017 on Saturday, June 3, at the Javitz Center in the Big Apple.

At the event, she had a chance to meet prize-winning author Jason Reynolds, who was promoting his upcoming project, Miles Morales. Reynolds had a laidback personality that left a good impression on Ms. Banks.

Banks also attended the Indie Author 101 panel that was presented by IngramSpark and BookLife. Director Robin Cutler of IngramSpark, Smashwords Founder and CEO Mark Corker, Editors Rose Fox and Adam Boretz (BookLife) of Publishers Weekly, Publisher John Koehler of Koehler Books, and President Amy Collins of New Shelves Books gave sound advice and insight.

For Ms. Banks, the discussion about publicity and social media was something she needed to hear. Claribel Ortega, Director of Media, at Combined Book Exhibit, mentioned the importance of social media and being consistent with posting content. President Sandra Poirier Smith and Director of Business Development Corrine Moulder of Smith Publicity reiterated what Ms. Ortega said: social media is crucial for an author’s visibility in the marketplace.

Needles to say, BookCon 2017 was a success. It recharged Ms. Banks and had her wheels turning. The Amtrak ride from Baltimore to New York was definitely worthwhile. She is ready to take La Muse Press to the next level in 2017.

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